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Many medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) had painful experiences when they first ventured into the world of online commerce. Back then, there were few established standards, so many of these companies developed internal, proprietary solutions. As their requirements for e-commerce applications became more complex, two things became apparent: internal solutions are often error-prone and they also require a high level of maintenance. For this reason, standard e-commerce products are becoming increasingly popular. The advantages are obvious: quick implementation and low total cost of ownership. Shop owners profit from the newest technology and can use standard functionality extensions to enhance their shops.

Companies are now shying away from the high initial investment in hardware and software that e-commerce often requires. Instead, they are looking for complete packages on a leased basis.

20x20 offer bundled shop systems with tiered performance classes, enabling merchants to rent the hardware, software and technical infrastructure required.

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I am an eBay PowerSeller. Which eBay functions are available to me through ePages?
ePages offers you a feature-packed interface to the eBay auction platform. All the products in your shop can be uploaded to eBay at the press of a button. And, all purchases made via eBay are displayed in the administration area of your online shop. The advantages are clear: You can manage both your online shop and your eBay sales on the same platform.

How can I market my online business?
In addition to the shop functions to manage products, customer information, and orders, you also have a number of valuable marketing tools. Product recommendations, newsletter campaigns, cross selling, transmitting product information to price search engines and shopping portals, and others help get your shop noticed and increase your purchase volume.